CMOS LDO Linear Regulator
     Dual LDO Linear Regulator
     Bipolar LDO Linear Regulator
     Step-Up DC/DC Converter
     Step-Down DC/DC Converter
     Linear Constant LED Driver
     Charger Pump
     LED Backlight Driver
     LED Screen Driver
     Audio AMPLIFIER
     AC/DC Converter
     AC/DC Converter Supply
     Voltage detector/Reset IC
     Li-ion Battery Charger
     MOSFET for LED Screen & BJT

ME8107 integrates a PWM controller and high voltage power MOSFET of 600V. ME8107 has the features of very low standby power (<100mW) when AC power above 220Vac. and cost effective offline flyback converter applications in 18W range. ME8107 offers complete protection coverage with automatic self-recovery feature including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting (OCP), CS short protection, over load protection (OLP), and VDD under voltage lockout (UVLO) and latch feature including over voltage (fixed or adjustable) protection(OVP). Excellent EMI performance is achieved with frequency shuffling technique together with soft switching control at the totem pole gate drive output. Tone energy at below 20KHz is minimized in the design and audio noise is eliminated during operation.
í˝Power on Soft Start Reducing MOSFET VDS Stress
í˝Frequency shuffling for EMI
í˝Audio Noise Free Operation
í˝Extended Burst Mode Control For Improved Efficiency and Minimum Standby Power Design
í˝Internal Synchronized Slope Compensation
í˝Fixed 65KHz Switching Frequency
í˝Good protection coverage with auto self-recovery
í˝Switching AC/DC Power battery charge
í˝Digital cameras and camcorder adapter
í˝Set-top box power
í˝Auxiliary power supply for PC and server
í˝Open-frame SMPS
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