CMOS LDO Linear Regulator
     Dual LDO Linear Regulator
     Bipolar LDO Linear Regulator
     Step-Up DC/DC Converter
     Step-Down DC/DC Converter
     Linear Constant LED Driver
     Charger Pump
     LED Backlight Driver
     LED Screen Driver
     Audio AMPLIFIER
     AC/DC Converter
     AC/DC Converter Supply
     Voltage detector/Reset IC
     Li-ion Battery Charger
     MOSFET for LED Screen & BJT

The ME2212 is a high frequency, asynchronous boost converter. The internal MOSFET can support up to 10 White LEDs for backlighting and OLED power application, and the internal soft start function can reduce the inrush current. The device operates with 1-MHz fixed switching frequency to allow small external components and to simplify possible EMI problems. Moreover, the IC comes with 46V over voltage protection to allow inexpensive and small-output capacitors with lower voltage ratings. The LED current is initially set with the external sense resistor Rs.
í˝VIN Operating Range : 2.5V to 5.5V
í˝Internal Power N-MOSFET Switch
í˝Wide Range for PWM Dimming (100Hz to 200kHz)
í˝1MHz Switching Frequency
í˝Minimize the External Component Counts
í˝Internal Soft Start
í˝Internal Compensation
í˝Under Voltage Protection
í˝Over Voltage Protection
í˝Over Temperature Protection
í˝Cellular Phones
í˝Digital still cameras
í˝PDAs and Smart Phones and MP3 and OLED.
í˝Probable Instruments
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