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The ME6118 series are highly accurate, low noise, LDO Voltage Regulators that are capable of providing an output current that is in excess of 1A with a maximum dropout voltage of 1.3V at 1A£¨ME6118A33£©.This series contains four fixed output voltages of 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V that have no minimum load requirement to maintain regulation. On chip trimming adjusts the reference/output voltage to within ¡À2% accuracy. Internal protection features consist of output current limiting, safe operating area compensation, and thermal shutdown. The ME6118series can operate with up to 18V input. Devices are available in SOT223.
Output Current in Excess of 1A
¡ñDropout Voltage:80mV@ IOUT =100mA£¨ME6118A33£©
¡ñOperating Voltage Range: 2.5V¡«18V
¡ñHighly Accuracy: ¡À2£¥
¡ñAdjustable Output Voltage Option
¡ñStandby Current: 52uA£¨TYP.£©
¡ñHigh Ripple Rejection: 70dB@1KHz£¨ME6118A33£©
¡ñLine Regulation: 2mV£¨TYP.£©
¡ñTemperature Stability¡Ü0.5%
¡ñThermal Shutdown Protection£º160¡æ
¡ñPackages:SOT223 £¬SOT89-3,TO252-2L
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