CMOS LDO Linear Regulator
     Dual LDO Linear Regulator
     Bipolar LDO Linear Regulator
     Step-Up DC/DC Converter
     Step-Down DC/DC Converter
     Linear Constant LED Driver
     Charger Pump
     LED Backlight Driver
     LED Screen Driver
     Audio AMPLIFIER
     AC/DC Converter
     AC/DC Converter Supply
     Voltage detector/Reset IC
     Li-ion Battery Charger
     MOSFET for LED Screen & BJT

ME6210 series are low quiescent, low-dropout linear voltage regulators.ME6210 series are based on the CMOS process and allow high voltage input .The allow operation voltage as high as 18V.
ME6210 series have short circuit protection function.
¡ñHigh output accuracy£º¡À 2%
¡ñInput voltage£º2V to 18 V
¡ñOutput voltage£º1.5V ~ 5.0V
¡ñUltra-low quiescent current (Typ. = 1.5 ¦Ì A)
¡ñOutput Current£ºIout = 500mA £¨When Vin = 4V and Vout =3V£©Low dropout voltage: 11mV@ Iout =10mA (Typ. Vout = 3.0V)
¡ñInput good stability£ºTyp. 0.03% / V
¡ñShort-circuit Current:£ºTyp. 50mA
¡ñCeramic capacitor can be used
¡ñPackage£ºSOT89-3, SOT23-3, TO-92
¡ñPower source for home electric/electronic appliances
¡ñPower source for battery-powered devices
¡ñPower source for personal communication devices
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