CMOS LDO Linear Regulator
     Dual LDO Linear Regulator
     Bipolar LDO Linear Regulator
     Step-Up DC/DC Converter
     Step-Down DC/DC Converter
     Linear Constant LED Driver
     Charger Pump
     LED Backlight Driver
     LED Screen Driver
     Audio AMPLIFIER
     AC/DC Converter
     AC/DC Converter Supply
     Voltage detector/Reset IC
     Li-ion Battery Charger
     MOSFET for LED Screen & BJT

    The ME6217 Series is a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage, high output voltage accuracy, and low current consumption developed based on CMOS technology.
A built-in low on-resistance transistor provides a low dropout voltage and large output current, a built-in overcurrent protector prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacitance of the output transistor. An ON/OFF circuit ensures a long battery life. Compared with the voltage regulators using the conventional CMOS process, a larger variety of capacitors are available, including small ceramic capacitors.
¡ñ Maximum Output Current: 800 mA£¨VIN¡ÝVOUT(T)+1.0V£©
¡ñDropout Voltage: 100mV@ IOUT =300mA, VOUT =5.0V
¡ñ Operating Voltage Range: 2V¡«6.5V
¡ñOutput Voltage£º1.5V~5.6V , selectable in 0.1V steps
¡ñHighly Accuracy: ¡À1£¥
¡ñLow Current Consumption: During Operation: 100uA£¨TYP.£©During Shutdown:0.1uA£¨TYP.£©
¡ñHigh Ripple Rejection: 65dB@1KHz (ME6217C50)
¡ñLine Regulation: 0.05£¥£¨TYP.£©
¡ñThermal Shutdown Protection£º160¡æ
¡ñSmall Packages: SOT-89-5,SOT23-5£¬SOT89-3
¡ñPower supply for DVD and CD-ROM drives
¡ñPower supply for personal communication device
¡ñPower supply for battery-powered devices
¡ñPower supply for note PCs
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